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MCM Creative offers top-notch video and sound production services. We can film, record, mix, and edit your video podcast all in-house. With our state-of-the-art recording equipment, lights, cameras, custom furniture, and the ability to mix audio levels live, our studio is the perfect choice for your video podcast. 

Our vodcast studio can be customized to fulfill your creative vision. We are equipped with classic 3-point lighting with bi-color led panels, plus a complimentary set of 4 RGB LED panels to create different looks that reflect the tone of your vodcast and brand. Share your logo, a presentation, or have a guest Zoom in, with our 50" HD display TV monitor equipped with a 4k Logitech webcam. We can substitute any light, camera or lens upon request. Take a look at our in-house gear list to see what we have available. 

EngageMH still 1.jpg


  • Equipped with 3 Panasonic Lumix DC-S1H: a wide shot and 2 tight angles.

  • We offer a kit of Rokinon Lenses: -f/3.1/14mm -f/1.5/24mm -f/1.5/35mm -f/1.5/50mm (x2) -f/1.5/85mm (x2) -f/ 2.2/135mm. 

  • 4 sm7b cardioid dynamic microphones, and 4 Sony MDR 7506 headphones.

  • The vodcast microphones feed into Cloudlifter CL1s and an Audient Evo 16 interface equipped with 8 onboard EVO preamps. Audio can be recorded into either our Sound Devices Mixpre-10 mixer, Adobe Audition or Pro Tools and is delivered to clients in high quality WAV format

  • Pre-built classic 3-point lighting with bi-color led panels, plus a complimentary set of 4 RGB led panels to create different looks. We offer a Dana Dolly with a Robotic Emotimo Slider for an additional price. 

  • 17" Lilliput monitor with camera feed and a 50" 4K screen that clients can use as a background to put up a logo via HDMI cable.

  • A table that can fit up to 4 guests, equipped with 4x Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic microphones. 

  • Private talent green room.

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